Thursday, July 19, 2012


Here's the thing.  The part of this song that goes from about 1.30, to about 2.00, has been the kick in the guts I wanted.

I was trying to explain to Brendan the other day that, on first hearing that section, I was overwhelmed by what I'm going to portentously call 'current situation hysteria'.

This kind of entails the panic I sometimes feel when I realise that falling back on "when i grow up" doesn't really cut it anymore.  There's that kick in the guts when you feverishly realise "holy shit, fuck, this is it James." And, to quote, Megadeth, "this is (my) life."

So yeh, listening to that song, and specifically that section, makes me feel sick to the core, because it makes me want to get off my ass and, you know, do something.

Dunno what yet, but.

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