Tuesday, June 12, 2012

They Won't Have To Burn The Books When No One Reads Them Anyway.

I saw a show the other day at the Gaso.  I'd heard of Useless Children before, but had never paid much attention.

More fool me, because it was one of the best shows I have seen for a long, long time.

As I stood there, waves of drums and reverb washing over the crowd, I realised just how much I cared about music like this.  It was a cathartic moment...a moment where I suddenly gave a fuck, during a time when I certainly find myself not as hopeful or optimistic as I'm perhaps sometimes believed to be.

Everywhere I turn, I seem to face a world torn, fucked up, or beaten.  Hope is driven out by lengthening shadows.

It was perhaps the chaotic, frenetic performance of Useless Children that made me feel better.  Surrounded by harsh tones and apocalyptic screams, I felt ok about not feeling ok.  It's not comfort so much, that the music provides, so much as understanding.  I didn't, in other words, feel alone.

More and more I'm totally overwhelmed by the fucking world, and I find myself increasingly caught in blackened, darkened places, gnawed at by fears and doubts.

Live performances like those of Useless Children help me scare away the dark.

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  1. Sounds produced is hypnotic. That's what i hear.