Friday, March 2, 2012

Lens Of Quartz Reflect The Night Sky

Ok, so now that my vegan smugness has worn off, i can return to other matters.

Today was the first day of Autumn. I started paying attention to the seasons when the drummer from Wolves in the Throne Room claimed you had missed the point of black metal if you didn't know what phase the moon was in, or which wild flowers were in bloom at particular times of the year. Seeing as I am fully kvlt, i hence began to pay attention to what was going on around me.

Despite the fact that last weekend was fucking hot, today was decidedly Autumnal, and the brooding grey skies had me turning down my mix of Blink 182, Fugazi and Propagandhi, and returning to the withering screams of my current favourite music.

It also got me excited for road racing. I'm no fan of riding in cold weather, but this year, being my 'year of riding' i have decided to invest some money in good winter kit, and see the winter through on my bicycle. I know there are gonna be times when i don't want to be out there, but i hope to be able to see a bigger picture...or perhaps the sheer enjoyment of being on a bicycle will be enough.

Anyway, so i dropped some coin on some good bibs, some new gloves, a wind breaker and a new base layer. Coupled with a new bike, I'm pretty excited to get out into the wintery bleakness and ride out some ks with my ipod blasting something suitably grim.

Given this total romanticisation of Melbourne's fairly mild winter, you can almost ensure the next three weeks will be a mild twenty degrees.

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