Monday, March 12, 2012

Hidden Mist From A Dark Island.

I went to the Bendigo Hotel the other night. I hung out with my old mate Ash, which was rad in itself. Her boyfriend was playing in one of the black metal bands on the bill. They were good, and they played some real tight, real atmospheric black metal.

Then this Japanese death metal band cam on. They all had thick waist long hair, with incredibly intricate sleeve tattoos (which, from what i understand, is still kind of a big deal in Japan, and essentially marginalises you from most of society). They were wearing Kimonos (those long, dress like garments worn by men). Basically, they looked totally badass.

I watched the crowd intently, watching for any possible racist sentiment. There was none. Then they started playing.

Holy fuck.

Was i ready for metal they asked me? It had been months.

Fucking oath i was.

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