Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memory Lane 2

For reasons that i cannot fathom, I can't stop thinking about the one hit wonders of late 1999.

Something about that year keeps coming back to me as being somehow significant in some way. Maybe it was when i started becoming more aware of the wider world, or maybe it was the year i got my first pair of cord cargo shorts.

On the face of things, there was nothing really that interesting about the year itself, other than having moved to a new school at the beginning of that year.

Whatever it is, that late 90s vibe, that has come to define my 'tweens' keeps cropping up as something that i think about, and as i mentioned in a past blog, it's the shit music that has come to remind me of that time of my life.

Having moved to Italy a coupla years later (for the second time), whereupon my outlook on life drastically changed, the late 90s have perhaps come to define a time when i can recall thinking differently to how i do now.

Anyway, here are the songs that won't go the fuck away, and which remind me of grade four, having a chain wallet (first wallet), american teen movie humour, Napster and, even more inexplicably, Kate Matthew's smile:


  1. those other two songs are terrible, but there ain't no party like an S club party.

  2. Wow. In 1999 I was in 2nd year uni. You were in grade 4? How am I so old?

  3. Nah, Steal My Sunshine has a fresh beat.

    And Andrew, my youth always seems to surprise people. It might be that I'm very grumpy.