Thursday, December 1, 2011

The World That You Despise.

After house sitting for my mum yet again, I can finally conclude that I am not meant to spend much time by myself. Rather than doing anything productive, I just eat too much and watch Hilary Duff movies. It's not so much the watching that is problematic, but my reaction at the end whereby i sit in front of the television, maybe sipping on some tea and think, 'yes, yes, that was actually not a bad film. Cinderella Story got quite a bad rap from the critics back in 2004. Thoroughly undeserved'.

These are, of course, the first rants of a madman, and so i can say with some relief that I am leaving the cultural wasteland of the Southside within the day. I won't be there long though because I'm off to Bright to race.

This is kinda what i have been training for (or trying to during my honours year) the past four of five months, so I'm both excited and a bit nervous. I want to do well, but I'm also very aware of the calibre of rider that is going to be out there this weekend.

As it stands, my tentative goals at the moment are to finish the Tour overall, as well as to finish in the top half up the Hotham stage. I think this is achievable.

When i get back, I reckon I'll take a few days off, and then take stock. Already i have vague plans for the new year and beyond that are bike related. But for now, Hotham awaits!

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