Monday, December 5, 2011

Ruler of all of Life!

There isn't anything much more confronting than staggering into the front door, after having totally punished yourself on the bike in a weekend of brutal racing, than for your housemate to look up, mildly curious, (after having played ten straight hours of Zelda) and ask: "How was the ride?"

This is, of course, normal. Anything that involves bike riding, for the uninitiated, is simply riding, rather than racing. If i were to explain the difference, they wouldn't understand, and would probably care even less.

So I am back from the Tour of Bright. It went quite well. I am a little disappointed in the way i climbed, insofar as i could never find a rhythm, and was significantly slower than i was hoping. But i had a good time, and learnt a lot, that I will certainly be taking back with me next year.

The real star of the race, however, was of course Gene Mills. Gene faded a little in the last few kilometres of Hotham, but that was only after destroying the first third of it. I have never come across someone as willing and able to put himself in the hurt box, and then keep going. Sheer grit and determination got him through, and to quite a respectable finish! Let's not forget, of course, that Gene has been riding bikes for about two year, and only racing them for just over six months. It was a pleasure to watch you race Gene Mills. Next time though, bring your god damn helmet.

Rather than making me a little downtrodden at not having climbed as well as i was hoping, I am increasingly inspired to keep working to get better. As i have mentioned previously, next year is pretty free for me, and so i figure a few of those time gaps can be filled with riding bikes.

Maybe next year at Bright, i can get in the top 20, or perhaps even the top 10 if i work hard enough. That might be fun!

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