Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paris Is Burning.

There were some surprises, and some non-surprises at Meredith Music Festival this weekend gone.

Amongst the non-surprises were, in no particular order: the number of white people, the amount of misplaced raving about Grinderman, the lack of vegan food, the amount of bullshit vegetarian food, the amount of mind altering substances at large, etc.

Amongst the surprises were: heaps more bogans than i thought, lots of sweet utes, decent coffee, more kids than i imagined and, finally, that i actually had a good time, and didn't particularly want to go home.

The bands I wanted to see were great. Ladyhawke ruled and proved, once again, that really good pop can be a wonderful thing. Mudhoney proved that grunge can rok, in the right way.

Bands like Off!, Grinderman, and Explosions in the Sky were bands i wasn't expecting to like, but did with varying levels of enjoyment.

But, bizarrely, the mythos behind Meredith, of which i had been so disparaging and sceptical about...namely the holier than thou hipster 'no dickhead policy', turned out to be far less sinister and, in some cases, enjoyable.

People were largely speaking friendly and polite. The music was enjoyable, and there weren't any nationalistic, patriotic, racist or sexist exploits. It was surprising, and kinda rad.

Yeh, there was a lot of hard drug taking that i wanted no part of, but even that manifested itself in the most benign way possible: "Dude, Explosions in the Sky were AMAZING!"

"Sure dude, cool. Glad you're having fun."

So in conclusion: consider my head officially pulled in. Meredith was fun, despite my best attempts not to have any.

Oh, and the toilets were great.

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