Thursday, October 13, 2011

The House That Jack Built.

Not that you asked or anything, but the reason my updates have slowed is because my honours year is reaching somewhat of a peak at the moment. While my thesis is largely finished, i have to write a lot of other essays in the next four weeks.

One is about fatalism, another about Rorty and his politics, and the last one is about the difference between ontological and common sense metaphysical claims.

It's all systems go!

At the moment my days are reassuringly regular. I get up, eat food, go to uni, work for three hours or so in the library, eat a quick lunch, go back the library for another three or four hours (sometimes i have class in which case i go to that) then i go home, bury myself on my bike, eat food, then go to sleep.

The easy option would be to complain that it's boring. But, really, it isn't. I get to think about really interesting ideas for most of the day, write a few badly composed words about them, then go home and ride my bike.

Since realising that my feeling bad on the bike lately was due to a lack in iron, I have been topping up on that lately, and have generally felt like i could smash through walls. I'm getting fitter weekly, and i feel strong on the bike.

In short, I'm enjoying my academic work, and my body is working well. Oh, and it's day light saving, so it's lighter for longer, and the weather is getting warmer.

What's not to fucking love?

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