Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Full Capabilities

One thing that I have noticed with the onset of my taking racing more seriously, as well as eating a vegan diet, is my taking immense pleasure from supposedly boring foods.

So, I wanna talk about Heinz baked beans. My love affair started in the hours after the Hell of the West road race a few months ago. I had been dropped hard, spent about two hours by myself, and had crossed the line dazed and famished. On the way home, we stopped at a servo, and Brendan suggested we get some beans.

I have always been pretty snobby about canned foods, figuring they must be gross. But i was so hungry and so tired, I didn't think twice. I ate those baked beans cold, with my finges, in the back of Brendan's car, as he and Sam Mcgregor talked about something or other.

The taste was so overwhelmingly good, i wolfed the entire can in about five minutes, and immediately wanted more. Since then, I have been eating about three of those cans a week, generally eating half a can for breakfast, usually with spinach on toast.

And i look forward to it every freakin morning! Since becoming vegan, little parts of my diet that i once wouldn't have considered difficult to find (like treats) are suddenly precious discoveries. I can't scoff any old chocolate, so finding one that you can immediately becomes a little ritual.

Brendan Brazier is right about one thing. As my diet has changed (largely for the better) I have started craving good foods, like i once craved sugary ones. Sometimes i get home and all i can think about is salad, or avocado...or beans.

I imagine this could be related back to some kind of lesson relating to the 'simple pleasures in life', but I don't feel like making any connections today.

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