Monday, September 12, 2011

Fuck You and Your College Dream.

So I raced the first ever cyclocross state championships on Sunday.

I raced rubbish, hurt a lot, and old mate Munners won it in fine style.

The real lesson I'm taking home from the whole cyclocross season is the necessity for me to warm up properly.

Every race I have done well in, I have warmed up really well beforehand. Cross racing and its social aspect does me no favours here, where i mill about, fuck about, and before i know it, i have to race.

In cross racing, the heart rate spikes from the first minute, and never lets up, so I never have a chance to recover from my lactic thresh hold.

Every race i spend the first 15-20 minutes feeling like death, lose heaps of time to other racers, then by about 25 minutes in i come good, begin to gain ground, but by then it's too late.

Sunday's race panned out much like that but, as the race went on, i could feel my self getting angrier. Largely due to frustration at my shit position, but also just from the race itself. I felt angry, and toward the end, I started pushing the pedals down harder, my frustration ignoring my bodily pain.

It's made me think. I was once an angry person, when i was younger. Since then I've calmed down dramatically. But maybe it would be better to bring back that rage when i race.

Maybe it would make me go faster. And that's gotta be a good thing.

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