Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cruel Beginning.

When you have a Garmin cycle computer, you can upload it on the internet. All your data, where you went, what your heart rate was, your speed, your cadence...anything really, can be uploaded all onto one site. Thousands of people do it from all over the world. The front page of the site tells you little interesting stats about the collective garmin usership. For example, if you add up all the kilometres travelled by people with garmins, it's enough kilometres to have gone to the moon and back several thousand times. And enough calories burned for something like a billion lollies.

So, yeh, sometimes i wonder whether Garmin is selling all this data to governments, so that they can have the most detailed data system about global athletes ever made. I'm not sure why governments would want this in the first place, but I'm prepared to believe that it's happening. ASIO could learn a lot from my training habits, so they know exactly where to get me when I'm most vulnerable, like on Kew Boulie at 9pm, or when I've been dropped by Gene on a hill and I don't have anyone to protect me.

Yeh, I often wonder about that.

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