Monday, September 26, 2011

As The Guards March Me Out To The Courtyard.

As pathetic as it may seem, the closest I have probably been to a religious experience, was when i first saw Iron Maiden.

Despite the years listening to music, and the changes in taste I have undergone, Iron Maiden remains a staple.

Nothing has ever, repeat never, come close to the experience of seeing them on stage. To say iot was transcendental is embarrassing, but true. It will be a time i remember until the day i die.

To be fair, it was perhaps the crowds response that was most exciting. Everyone was incredibly happy to see this band after 16 years. I have never heard a roar so loud.

But as i listen to more punk music, and move away from the 'stock metalheads soundtrack', I can't move away from Iron Maiden. Something in their music moves me in a way that I can't put a finger on.

An Iron Maiden concert is like the theatre. The music is just one part of the entire spectacle. Costume changes, fireworks, lazers-things that are largely rejected as pompous by almost all my favourite bands-are things that make an Iron Maiden concert seem larger than life, as if you are seeing a true show. Not only that, but Bruce has a way of making it seem as if the show is for you, and that you two alone feel this surge of pure unadulterated joy. But then you look around, and you aren't alone. You're surrounded by people who feel exactly the same.

All these people who have entirely forgotten where they are, for a moment spell bound by this unifying moment.

It's pretty bizarre that a band like Maiden has created this phenomenon. I certainly don't understand it, or have any inclination to find out.

It's just a bit magical.

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