Friday, August 12, 2011

What's My Age Again?

I went to go check out Cadel's parade today with a bunch of friends.

It was kind of what i expected. I didn't actually see Cadel, or anyone famous for that matter. But we listened to the Premier talk about something or other, the Mayor show decisively why he was booted out of state parliament (he's a fucking muppet), and some dude wearing ridiculous yellow sunglasses.

Then Cadel rode along for a bit, and everyone cheered, and most people awkwardly tried to figure out how he won, even though he only won, like, one stage? Weird huh.

But it was a nice atmosphere, and nice to see average Melburnians cheering for a sport other than footy, and nice to see a cyclist have 'legend' yelled at him, rather than 'faggot'.

It got me thinking though, hanging out with my chums, as some dude banged on about how pleased and proud we should be to have 'our cadel' back in Melbourne. I looked around a bit, at the half dozen or so people around me, some oldish friends, some new...just how fucky lucky i am to know these people. I'm pleased for the frog man that he won but, really, I'm just stoked that i have mates to celebrate him with.

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