Monday, August 29, 2011

Rolling Wagons.

The last few months have been so shit bike racing wise, I had forgotten somewhat what it was like to be in the race proper.

The Coburg crit on Saturday panned out like clockwork. We decided Adrian would go for the win. With a lap to go Steve belted out a solid effort, followed by Jeremy who ran us up the back straight. Come the second last turn it was on me, and i was churning the biggest gear i had, my right leg by that stage spasming with a cramp. With about 200m to go Adrian went, and i faded into the background, spent, but happy.

My body felt good, and had responded well all race. I think Sean the Man pointed this out, and he's right. It's much easier to hurt yourself for someone else.

Sun, high speed bike racing, followed by wedges. Really, you can't have a better Saturday.

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