Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Oil Spill!

Funny how the desire to write comes and goes. The last week or so I found that i didn't really have anything to say.

The cross season ended on Sunday with yet another cracker of a race. I felt terrible, and did very badly, but I still had a fun time. Despite some antics around the mud pit which has made some people concerned, the majority of people seemed to indulge in the CX atmosphere, without the antics that could see it become troublesome.

One thing that I love about cyclocross is the mixing of cycling tribes. It makes me incredibly happy to see national level cyclists being encouraged and heckled by local fixie punks. I think this, more than anything, is the key to any notion of a 'cycling community', where the interest in the machine and its possibilities in our lives forge strong connections, and override smaller differences in the way we go about things.

We're so close to seeing this realised. A mutual respect for each other, and the way cycling manifests itself in our own lives, is crucial here. I hope we pull it off. Because if we do, there is real potential for real, tangible change. Maybe not tomorrow, but five, ten, twenty years from now, when the repercussions of events like Dirty Deeds, begin to make themselves felt in wider communities and society. Whether it comes from the girl who got second in the kids race, or one guy who came in mid pack in B grade, events like this years cross have the potential to act as the catalyst for wider social change.

Now, that would be really something.

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