Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stronger Every Day

So i have officially sustained by first proper sporting injury. My knee has a tracking problem which essentially means by knees are special needs.
In the same way that kids with special needs often need constant attention, so too does my right knee. The only difference being that i have compress it to keep it tracking properly.

So I can't race the Melbourne to Ballarat this Saturday, which was going to be my first open. I'm disappointed, but also kid of relieved: it looked like a hard day at the office.

The really scary thing is that it is the first tangible proof that my drive to be better at the thing that i love most in all the world, will not be without its setbacks. This isn't a surprise, just annoying.

Thus, as the rebels in Libya supposedly take a firm footing in a key town, supported by ingenious engineering students who have developed remote control jeeps, that draw enemy fire; and as Rupert Murdoch's empire seems to begin it's collapse, all i can think about the future prospects of my right knee.

I've said it before, James, you are a fucking muppet.

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