Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some of the Best Days of Your Life.

I had a week off after my knee flared up. I'm back training now, and feeling great. Yesterday I did an ergo, and I felt better than I have in forever.

It's amazing what your body can do after just a week of taking it easy, and I certainly intend to pay more attention to my recovery.

It also allowed me to regather my thoughts, which have a habit of straying, and muddling while in the midst of exercise regimes. 'James,' I thought, 'you're a mediocre C grader. Fucking, get some perspective.'

This doesn't mean I'll stop trying my hardest, or get lazy. It just means that I can be a bit easier on myself when my life doesn't let me do that ergo, or that hills loop, or that gym session.

After all, as Pete says, 'you do this for recreation. The only race that matters is in London next year.'

I won't be there, so, I guess it's a bit of a laugh really.

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