Friday, July 8, 2011


So I just went to the doctor for the blood test Casey recommended i get, once turning vegan. While not stoked on my diet choice, he was understanding, and very professional about it, which is why i still think he is the best doctor ever.

Unfortunately, they forgot to tell me to fast beforehand, so I have to go back Monday for the actual blood letting. However, i did pee into a cup, and the doc checked the basics, finally commenting on my high blood pressure. He reassured me it could be due to general level of excitement about being at the doctors. I wanted to tell him i find Slayer blast beats exciting, not peeing into a cup which would in turn be examined by a very friendly Jewish doctor.

But now I'm worried. I am 22. I do not want to have high blood pressure, especially considering my general good diet and fitness.

I'm aware that, given the potential life threatening things that could happen to me, a probably wrong reading of high blood pressure doesn't really rate. But, hell, I figure i have my old age to undergo all these problems so that, at a ripe old age, i can turn to my son or daughter, with a gleam in my eye and say:
"You know what? I just pissed myself. You deal with it!"

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