Monday, July 18, 2011

A Racist Crime.

I've always maintained that for thrash to make sense, you gotta understand what the big thrash bands were listening to.

Guilty of Being White was always a touchy song. Minor Threat fans maintain it is an inherently anti-racist song. That may be so, but when it comes to singing along with Ian, in a crowd of mostly white people, the song takes on a more sinister tone, even if this was not the original intention.

Messages, no matter how well meaning, can be distorted by those who have other agendas.

So it always gives me the shits when people accuse Slayer of being racist (Tom the singer isn't even white for fuck's sake) for changing the last line of this song from 'guilty of being white' to 'guilty of being right.' All they were doing (in classic Slayer form) was issuing a warning.

It's called irony chums. Hardcore can do it. So can metal.

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