Sunday, July 24, 2011

Metal! Revolution!

As you may or may not have heard, Cadel Evans just won the biggest alley cat there is. Seriously, how fucking big will the spoke card be?

As i was saying a few weeks ago, I have watched the tour for a long time. I have watched every single Tour Cadel took part in. At first, when he seemed to be making real progress, I was genuinely interested in him, and willing him onto a win, sometime around the mid to late noughts. But as things went pear shaped for him one too many times I, like many, fell off the bandwagon.

I didn't like the way he raced, he talked, he seemed to sook a lot...i got bored.

But nothing has made me happier than watching him win this year, because I really feel like he throughly deserves it. He fought tooth and nail, every step of the way, and wasn't a dickhead about it either.

So, as I watched him sitting quietly on a chair, directly following his stunning TT, the tears welling up in his eyes, I was equally stunned to find there were the first traces of tears in my eyes. I am a cynical bastard. How the fuck did a five foot nine bicycle racer drive me to this?

Not because he's Australian, not because I have any sense of pride, or any sense that our country has 'done something great.' No, watching Cadel last night, I saw a man's life long dream come true. It's rare to see someone realise this directly in front of a camera, but we saw it with him. I was touched.

It's that look that confirms that in forty years from now, with a pot belly, and a shit set of eyes, the man with the chin can look at himself and say, "Sheet, I did ok!"

Not many people can claim that.

Now, before i sicken even myself, I intend to party in the only way i know!

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