Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm A Negative Creep.

I have long been a defender of the Australian band Violent Soho. This is despite all my better judgement.

As a band, they are neither original, nor particularly skilled. They are, bluntly put, an immature grunge rehash.

And this is why they are rad. They don't give a fuck. I have seen one of their shows and, put simply, it rocked. For a guy of my age it's the closest thing to seeing Nirvana live...and that's ok by me.

Their lack of sophisticated lyricism, their stock standard grunge imagine is one, however, that i am quite sympathetic to because, pretension aside, that is what grunge is all about: simple, disenfranchised music. It's not a lifestyle, or a movement; it's just a bunch of tunes that are kinda heavy, and kinda rad.

When challenged about their lack of originality and their many detractors, the singer had this to say:

"I guess they can go party with lame MacBook looping electro-pop hipsters and live under the illusion they are creating high art."

Damn fucking straight. I will always admire a band, regardless of talent or vision, that refuses to take themselves too seriously.

Also, they went to school with Mckenny. That's alright by me.

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