Monday, August 1, 2011

Beyond the Mountain Side.

Despite being partial to the ice-like perfection of logic, I tend also to be disproportionately lured by the romanticism of 'the wild'.

This tends to come about when I am having some period of ridiculous introspection. So, not 'what will i have for breakfast?' but, 'is there a difference between Truth and conventionalist truth, and does it even matter anyway?" This tends to lead to awkward questions like: "Wtf are you doing with your life?"

This in turn leads to a naive desire to move to the woods (despite Australia not really having woods) and live 'off the land'. I imagine this would be a novelty until I realised I would have to take a shit in said 'woods'. I have done this before, and it is unpleasant. It would probably be raining too. As well as that, as much as I romanticise being alone, I would probably get bored and lonely with 72 hours.

So when i listen to Wolves in the Throne Room (who live on their own commune in the middle of rainy Washington State, farming and making black metal) I like to pretend that one day i will go live in the country, wear big boots, a trench coat, grow my hair back, and think about stuff.

BYO cape.

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