Friday, June 24, 2011

Throwing a Grappling Hook into the Ivory Tower

One thing that university has taught me, and something with Socrates was totally right about, is that, the more educated you become, the more you realise you actually know fuck all. Fuck all about yourself, others, cultures, society, the universe (both physical and metaphysical). Furthermore, you also become acutely aware that the methods we use to learn stuff, are incredibly limiting.

For my part, being a student of philosophy, this is especially the case. While I will defend it till the death for its ability to teach us how to think, which is far more important that the subject matter of what we think about, one must become aware of its limitations.

Most of academic philosophy is the process of answering questions no one asked other than other philosophers. This can be quite fun, and quite rewarding, but it is also totally enclosed within itself. People who aren't involved won't understand. That isn't because we are more clever than them, but because we have closed ourselves in with walls of jargon that takes years of training to grasp.

This isn't in the interests of philosophy. Philosophy should be open to everyone who feels the need to think about stuff that doesn't necessarily have a cut and dried answer. If nothing else it will increase the potential for great ideas. Because if we want to get some answers about the things we wonder about, we're gonna need a bigger sphere of influence than just a bunch of people who don't know how to do anything else. Fuck, its only been about sixty years where women have been actively involved in the process. Just how enlightened are we?

Philosophy as it stands now needs to be shaken up, taken by storm, torn down by those who have been excluded from the ivory tower. Because asking things about the world shouldn't been viewed as an elitist dead-end past time, it should be absolutely crucial for everyone on this fucking planet.

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