Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Sounds So Simple, But I Know It's Fucking Hard

Here at Death Race, we have just worked out how to look at our blog stats. It may surprise our readers to discover that we have a dizzying average of 4 views a day. Not only that, my core audience comes from Australia, North America and Alaska. Some of the key words that people have searched that brought them here are:

1.manowar backpatch

2. proto-black metal

3. How to dress like a metal head

4. I love grindcore

5. The garden sighs...the flowers die

6. Colt fake banned pouring beer

Clearly my audience is an educated one and I will, should my intellect allow, continue to strive to challenge my readers with stimulating content.

Perhaps most pathetic of all is how much my readership stats died after i made blogger not include my own viewing of my own blog. I tell you, there is no justice.

While we are at it I may as well pass on my favourite blogs, so that you, dear reader, can bring my stats down even further, which is as it should be.

http://thenewtimer.blogspot.com/ This guy is a friend of mine. I recently realised that my blog has slowly, and honestly without my realising, become a cheap imitation of his. Sorry about that Brendan. Imitation, flattery and all that. He's pretty funny too. But, mainly, it's a relief from all the fucking picture blogs that regurtitate the same old shit to the same fucking audience.

http://chazhuttonsfsm.tumblr.com/ Chaz shares my love for interesting facts, of no particular relevance to anything. This blog is a great resource for this. Occasionally he inexplicably stops working and takes photos with his iphone, mainly of what he eats and what he sees. It's awesome.

http://fuck-cunts.blogspot.com/ The original picture blog, and the best. Ryan doesn't give a fuck what you think, and his boundaries of taste are almost certainly further flung than yours. it's good, just not very safe for work. Fortunately, I don't work. That said, I am waiting from that call from Melbourne University IT department for an explanation. I will tell them that I wanted to see all the weird and wonderful things the internet has to offer. Also, occasionally, breasts.

There are other blogs i read, but the above three are the ones i read daily, often checking back multiple times a day. They are all good people with interesting things to say about stuff. And really, what else is a blog, other than ruminations about things no one cares about, in a time that will soon be forgotten by everyone except those that were there.

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  1. IMHO you are a better writer than BB. more varied content, and better self-deprecation.

    my rss feeder checks enthusiastically for updates each day