Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am the Eye within the Gleam

I tend to be quite up and down. One day i might be literally bouncing off the walls. Today was such an example. I was riding up in Mt. Pleasant and, on my way home, I caught a glimpse of the horizon. The sky was ice clear, and i could see all the way to the city. As i sped down this hill, fishtailing a bit over the moss that has developed over the shady patches of road, I felt this surging happiness that enveloped my entire body. Life is fucking sweet!

But, sometimes, life doesn't seem so good. Usually it's the weather. I find winter pretty gloomy. Some people find happy music helps them through a depressive patch. I disagree. I reckon when things seem bleak, and real crap, one should embrace it. Sadness isn't something which should be avoided but, rather, explored. I have always had nihilistic tendencies. While I am passionate about many things, and want to see the world improved, ultimately (and here by ultimately i mean really ultimately) I don't think there is any meaning to anything. Which is both a comforting and terrifying thought.

Sometimes though it's nice to forget all the things that matter to you, or at least seem to matter to you, and remember that we're all pretty pointless really. I can't work out if that's a happy thought, or a sad one.

Shit, that's totally deep James you fucking muppet.

Get grim.

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