Friday, May 20, 2011

When Armageddon's been locked and loaded, I will come back for you.

The past few days I have been fortunate enough to see the band Propagandhi twice. I won't do a review, like i did when i used to write for this site, firstly because I am increasingly realising that i can't write for shit and, secondly, it would be boring. Suffice to say that they were ten times better than i was expecting. They brought a live show that i didn't think was possible outside of a Slayer concert. Rad times.

I'm aware that this blog is increasingly about me listening to a lot of punk, and me making outrageous generalised claims about it, and then comparing it to metal. It's a formula that, for now, is working.

But the other night at the show, hanging with some great friends, seeing crust kids, edge guys, the odd metal head, classic hardcore old guard, I felt like i was sixteen again and learning the difference between thrash kids and death metal kids.

You can dismiss this as arbitrary scene lines, indicative of nothing in particular but, god damn, if i don't find the different ways in which people choose to live their lives fascinating. Propagandhi rightly lambast our shitty scenes as just another brand of conformity which prevent us from creating change for people who actually need it. I agree with them to an extent.

But when people unite at a show to watch some music that makes them feel really good about themselves and others, well, that can only be a positive thing.

As an aside, I wanted to crowd surf but, as i said to Brendan and Casey at the time, I didn't feel confident, largely because metal guys expect much more weight from a crowd surfer. Maybe they bend their legs more, i dunno, but the crowd surfing needs work guys!

Next week i return to my roots and will see Morbid Angel. Face shredding, stage diving madness to ensue.

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