Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd Rather Die On My Feet

Despite saying i would never do it, today i went to the gym.

Sweet techno beats and gyrating bodies this was not. I went with Brendan, curious about the weights and exercises he did for bike racing, and whether they might help. Furthermore, i hear Pete the trainer was a bit of a character and, at 71, full of good advice.

On hearing that i was a road cyclist and keen to work on things that would make me better at racing, Pete had me doing light weights, squats, and curious dog position things. He also told me i was a typical cyclist, had shit posture, asked me why i was sweating so much, despite not having done any work, and then laughed at me for only being in C grade.

He was a total champ.

I kinda only came along to see what Brendan had been talking about this whole time, but i definitely think I'll be going again...if only for the ice bath which, by the way, i shared with Casey. We both thought it was pretty funny.

So gyms don't have to be hell. I learnt something today.

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