Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chronic Lack of Taste

While it always comes as a surprise (coupled with a sense of despair that people can lack such taste) I am always stoked when i find out people have been reading this blog. People I haven't seen for years, or only met once, will often comment on how they find something of value here. Accusations of madness aside, and despite the odd comment that charges me with only having one joke (Kerry King has stupid glasses?) it really is flattering. I only wish it wasn't coupled with a sneaking suspicion that it's all a joke and it's entirely on me.

To business, though.

While i know where Nickbell 11 is coming from i do feel he might have expressed it more eloquently than: "The 55 people who hate this band suck donkey dick".

I'm no die hard Suffocation fan, but i do have a soft spot for them. This is primarily due to the picture on their first album. Aged about 19, the year is 1991 and the death metal scene was just getting under way. If you imagine the nerdiest guys from your classes, glasses, acne and all, this is Suffocation in 91. TO this day i cannot link up the smiling faces of these young kids, with the pure brutality that spews out of the speakers when you first give 'Effigy of the Forgotten' a spin.

So, here's to the nerdy kids, to the kid in the corner of the room not talking to anyone. The guy wearing the glasses and bootcut jeans. While there is a good chance he will make his living exploring modal logic, there is a better chance he likes to get brutal, and will get into a band that pulverises anything you ever do. Fuck yeh.

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