Sunday, January 2, 2011

On sharing other sub-standard blogs

My friend Sam does engineering. I've known him for about seven years and, in those years, have sustained various cutless wounds.

Despite being an engineer and thus worthy of severe beatings (except when i need someone to design the bridge I'm planning, that will span the entire world, and only have two supporting trusses) he is rather good with the written word. I very much doubt he will post much, but I can ensure my vast readership of 2.3 (the decimal number indicating someone that began to read but promptly died mid post) that it will be a funny read when he does.

This concludes the strange triangle of my two friends who also have blogs, being Michael and Sam. As Sam himself points out in his blog, Michael writes softcore science fiction, which involves lots of futuristic things that will never actually happen, and Sam writes about how shit what he is writing is. I, as you have discovered over the past year and a bit, write about metal and cycling, with the odd boring sincere post here and there, vis. previous post.

So what the fuck are you still doing here? Go read BikeSnob or something!


  1. Sigh, it's not 'softcore' - read the comment I put on sam's.

  2. Whoa Michael, whoa.

    There's no need for the thesis regarding your beloved fantasy. I know the divide between hard and softcore sci-fi, i just choose to ignore it, and belittle those that indulge in it, for lolz.

    There's also no need for the wikipedia links. As much as i appreciate it, there is no chance in hell i will ever, ever read the books they describe. This is partly due to me being terribly busy brushing my hair and generally keeping check of my colon health.

    Also, why haven't you written anything on your blog for a while? I was left somewhat in the air regarding that dude in the cryo pods, and frankly I'd like to see how he ends up.

    See you tomorrow.