Thursday, September 9, 2010

Absence: When you make you blog too specific.

The fundamental premise of this blog is that cycling and heavy metal are both dorky, and that partaking in both activities is infinitely more dorky.
This, it has become increasingly clear, has a limited capacity for things to be written about it. Blogs i read myself discuss both things separately, and do a much better job of it. I am, it would appear, a master of neither craft, but simply an idiot.

It has recently come to my attention that a friend of mine has also started a blog. He likes creative writing and so the blog appears to be mainly based around his own work. Questions of ego mania aside, as well as serious doubts as to his music taste (Blind Guardian and Hunters and Collectors?) he is a cool dude, and i would encourage anyone as misplaced and misdirected in this world that they find themselves on my blog, should hasten themselves to his.

In other news I would like to defend my absence by saying that I have been caught up in university work. Doing a philosophy degree has taken up increasingly more of my time and, the time I am not reading stuff related to my course, I am usually sweating a lot on my bike. Metal, while still a passion, has taken somewhat of a back seat at the moment. This no doubt makes me a poseur.

Reinvention, it would seem, is the key. In what direction to reinvent is something I am still pondering. Regardless of what i choose i can guarantee that the result will be both mediocre and fairly middling. If i were you, I would spend my time online somewhere more worthwhile.

Apologies for the absence, and here is to another few weeks of merciful online silence from yet another jerk who considers his prose readable.


  1. Add philosophy to Metal and Cycling. go on, you know you want to....

  2. i miss the prosaic and self-deprecating text i find here...