Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cyclocross: How to hide you have no bike skillz.

This morning I went on a very muddy cyclocross ride. Aside from the logistics from keeping the mud out of my hair, it was a totally rad day. Thanks to all for coming out at making me look bad.

Those on MTB's totally crushed the single track, while those who were competent on the skinner tyres got by fine. I, on the other had, consistently ate shit. By the end, i looked a little bit like this:

Please note, that is not me. I have more hair and am more attractive.

In any case, one thing i liked about the day is that you can excuse your terrible bike handling skills, by blaming your cyclocross bike, as the ultimate inappropriate tool. With MTB technology the way it is, rigid frames with kinda fat tyres looks a bit archaic. So rather than being the laughing stock of everyone, people mourned by dire situation with me. Incredibly useful. Any kinda bike that allows me to crash a lot without making me look bad is my kinda bike.

It's great fun, i am consistently reminded, to get off the road and get dirty on the bike. It's like being a child gain, except my bike only has two wheels instead of three.

When i got home, i had a shower, and what appeared to be a small country's worth of mud came off my body.

A good day.

I should note that there was nothing metal at all about my ride. I didn't see any metal heads, and i feel a lot better for it. I did, however, buy Metallica tickets yesterday. I hope they play Metal Militia.