Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clusterfuck: When a 15 year old throws a party...

Despite it being about as far away as possible from the music that interests me, this gentleman has come to my attention recently:

Apologies for bad quality.

This video raises quite a few questions and general comments. These are namely...

1. Is this boy 12? Why does he speak like that?

2. How is he friends with Usher at such a tender age?

3. Despite the title, he spends most of his time "telling you one time".

4. If an ego maniac 12 year old invited you to his sweet house party, would you attend? Half the party goers look 35, well paid, and married. Where did this boy get his sweet contacts?

5. At what stage, when auto-tune is used so much, can a star rightfully claim ownership?

Perhaps most importantly...why is the boy doing this? Other than the money, the 21 year old women who already wanna jump him, as well as his friendship with Usher? I mean, has he never seen a Slayer show?

Holy god Justin, of whatever your name is, it's not too late! Renounce your money, fame, success, and already relative good looks, for a life of excellent music taste and integrity. Not to mention the social alienation, ridicule, lack of women and terrible hair that comes with it!

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