Saturday, January 23, 2010

BMX: Suddenly Cool

I used to hate BMX. I found the bikes humerous, the riders stupid, and the tricks slow and boring. Colt Fake has changed all this. Rather than wasting time doing stupid tricks, this young man just does really dumb stuff at high speeds. And it works. I haven't been this thrilled by riding in a long time. Not only that but the sound track is excellent.

While I don't condone his choice of no helmet, especially considering the amount of times he seems to eat dirt, i certainly admire his stupidity and his bravery. Things to note from the video:

1. Hilarious scream when he hurts himself

2. Attractive women pouring beer into his mouth, suggesting succesful BMX carreer leads to hot chicks.

3. Sweet cloths.

4.Dedicated camera team

5. Mad cowboy hat

6. Riding off roofs is not only feasible, but easy.

So full of adrenaline is this video that it makes the increasingly corporate and boring fixed gear free style video's look even worse than they are. Case in point:

Things to note, and it has been said, but I'll reiterate:

1. Coasting is not only useful, but crucial to perform tricks.

2. Shit 'alternative' music is bad for trick vids

3. Brakes are useful when descending.

The comparison of these two video's is akin to comparing an actual metal band (like Obituary) with a hipster metal band, like Mastodon. Observe:

Things to note:

1. Sweet windmilling

2. Sweet crowd interaction

3. Denim


Things to note:

1. The drummer's shirt

In both cases, while one video seems genuinly sincere, its existence being to showcase skill, the other seems totally caught up in what it means to be observed and interpreted by others, the intention being to create this image.

In any case, everything turns corporate in the end. The BMX dude will become famous ans start selling his own brand of flat caps and Obituary now sell ugly hoodies.


  1. bmx dude goes through about 3 gear crises during that clip... baggy homie->rocker->gypsy, jus'sayin'

    this is my favourite bmx clip:
    (and what do you know... its lemmy again)

  2. nikcee,
    I also noticed his slight uncertainty in regards to his 'image'. But to hell with it, he can do what he wants!
    Personally i think his punk/rocker image works the best.
    Thanks for the vid!

  3. Ps. he rides for the same company as the fake colt chap. Good riders all