Friday, December 18, 2009

Metal Head Cyclists and the Art of Shame

The other week while working at the bike shop I work at I met the first roadie who liked old metal and had long hair, other than myself, in about...well...ever.

Because my work shirt was at home and dirty I was wearing a sweet Slayer 'Live Undead' shirt with the various members of said band appearing as badly drawn skeletons. Except the drummer Dave Lombardo, who appears as a de-torsoed statue, still holding drum sticks. Despite all this they all have long hair and are able to hold guitars. But i digress.

So this competant looking cyclist came in, team kit and shaved legs looking fresh, and asked to pump up his tyres. I said sure. He then let out an excited gasp and proceeded to express his love for Slayer. I agreed with everything he said. He then inquired as to what else i was 'into'. Being wary of listing of lists i avoided the question. He persisted, however, and soon we were comparing the various highs and mostly lows of such bands as Morbid Angel, classic Obituary and Kreator.

Flushed with the excesses and geekiness of our conversation, i pointed out we were a rare breed of dorktastic fashion and life style choice, with a penchant for silly sports. He agreed, as he left the shop to rejoin his group. Mildly pleased with this encounter i returned to truing a taco shaped wheel.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Increased Readership: Further to Fall

Due to my opening my fat mouth or rather, attacking my keyboard, my self indulgent, badly spelt and edited blog has an increased readership of about three. By my calculations thats an increased readership of about 300%. Well done me.

In further news I have largely abandoned my metal tendencies for the past week, and have instead indulged in generation X grunge. This is awesome:

Nirvana as a four piece, with a long haired guitarist, always makes me laugh. You can still hear the metal influences and the punk in the air, before grunge had totally defined its sound.

As well as that I've been listening to some Mudhoney and some Pixies just to add to the basic indignity of my musical taste. The other day, on the train, i found myself listening to Sixpence None the Richer. I don't know how it happened, but it did...and furthermore, i didn't even notice until the song was over. Suffice to say that i blushed.

In other news, in the tradition of all metal fans I'v recently joined a band as a singer. If nothing else, it's sure to provide plenty of comedy relief becasue A. i can't sing, and B. death metal sounds terrible unless in the hands of professional toss pots.

Today i did a skid, and the tyre squeaked really loudly.

Apologies about the lack of structure or anything of any real value in this post. I became stressed when i discovered someone was actually reading it. I'll be back for more when i think of more insults about metal/cycling etc.

Here is a criminally underated band: