Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hammering it Home: Why No One will Admit that Grindcore sounds terrible

I love grindcore. I love the bands:

Look at these guys? Have you ever seen uglier men? Do they give a fuck? Hell NO! Two of them are wearing the same band tee.

I also love them for the songs:

Clearly it has a lot going for it. I love the way it attracts punks and metal fans alike. I like its left leaning anarchic politics. I like its lack of pretension that is so overbearing in death metal. When the mood is right grindcore is brilliant.

But holy god it sounds bad sometimes. To make myself feel more metal, i occasionly listen to Scum, Napalm Death's first album. In between feeling prety metal and enjoying most of the tunes, i realise that this music sounds TERRIBLE! It sounds as if the local band, consisting of 14 year olds, has suddenly won a record deal, thought: "fuck it, let's not tune our instruments, or rehearse" and recorded an album. Carcass released god knows how many albums, none of which i can pronounce the title. Then they suddenly got soft and started playing mediocre death metal.

This is not to detract from grindcore's many benefits. It still is mercifully devoid of posers, it stands for good things, and it did a lot for metal. But holy god it sounds bad most of the time.

All that being said, when it's good, it's damn good. A case in point here is Terrorizer's first album.

Above is a case in point. One day there might be a good grind band that doesn't look like this:

That being said, they look much better than Napalm Death.


  1. pls see:

    agents of abhorrance
    collapsed toilet vietnam

    and that will do for now.