Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cycling Caps and Concerts: An Exercise in Dissapointment

Last night i went to see Slayer and Megadeth. Megadeth were pretty darn good, but failed to ultimately excite me. I was so looking forward to Slayer, but the mediocre nature of reality came rushing forward when Tom announced he had lost his voice. He then went on to invite mad fans to sing instead. Suffice to say i was totally shattered. Most of the people there, as a result, looked like this:

Badly dressed, and incredibly sad, but unwilling to make a show of it. This was possibly the first gig that i was actually dissapointed by. Usually i come out of a concert overwhelmed with both sweat, body odour, and the sneaking feeling i made a wrong decision somewhere, but ultimately happy. Last night i just felt depressed. Hopefully they will come down again to make amends.

In cycling related thoughts, i have been giving some though toward cycling caps of this variety:

These caps make me simultaneously angry and happy at the same time. If someone similar to this gentleman is wearing one, it makes me happy. It's the people who wear Mapei hats, while simultanesouly not knowing who Mapei were, and making fun of guys in lycra on their expensive bikes. The fasion they they appropriate is straight from said people.
There's also the fact that these caps are so ridiculous. I really like them, and find it difficult to wear a helmet without one these days. But seriosuly. Look at them. It's just a piece of cloth with a bastardised cap. If i wanted to look like an idiot, I'd rollerblade. There is nothing more ridiculous than rocking up to a fixed gear 'event' to be inundated with young males in tight jeans and brand new caps, the origin of which they have no idea. This is not an attack, as i count myself amongst the prestigious folds of these gentleman. I just wish more people wore them like this:

Rather than this:

That just makes me angry. You can be sure he never OD'd in a lonely hotel room, alone, with his career up in smoke.


  1. Death Race,

    Hello. Just found your blog. Nice post. I too find it kinda' funny that hipsters (for lack of a better term) will make fun of professional cyclists, and their attire while wearing some of it. Also, why do they all LOVE Merckx but no other professional from the past or present? Is it because he had the hour record and thus rode a track bike in a velodrome? Well, guess what did Indurain. I'm gonna write about this makes me so angry. grrr. yes, indurain looked less cool when he got the record..but come on.

  2. Hi Lucho!
    I'm both flattered and terrified that blogging royalty such as yourself found my badly edited, badly written blog. Thanks for the comments though!

  3. Also, in response to the Merckz worship, i have no idea. I suspect it comes from some vague idea of him and his bike being 'vintage' for lack of a better term. Indurain will no doubt be cool circa 2020 when al the cool kids will be wearing Nirvana and Pearl Jame tees while ironically listening to Obituary, while ironically wearing a Banesto cycling cap. Such is popular culture.