Saturday, September 5, 2009

Metal and the unfortunate habit of most to honour the dead beyond what's necessary

Yesterday I went to Missing Link. For those not in the know (and why the hell not one is tempted to ask) Missing Link is one of the only independent record stores left in Melbourne. It's also damn good. As a metal fan, and a metal fan with silly preconceptions of old technology, my favourite section is the metal vinyl records. Some of the stuff I have found there is amazing. Yesterday i bought 'Human' by Death. Arguably their best album and, if it isnt, it's damn close to it. I'm yet to play it though, for fear of the wrath that will be brought down upon me by my parents. This was the closest thing resmebling a 'single' in the heady days of early 90's Florida death metal.

This is the song usually mentioned in the same breath as Death and legendary front man Chuck. That said, it's far from my favourite song. Compared to some of the stuff they had and would do, this song seems a little tame. But therein lies the fallacy of fanboyism (especially prevalent in Death fans becuase Chuck died of brain cancer in 2001)

I have always found it interesting how the death of an artist will instantly increase their reputation totally out of control. Legends like Hendrix, Cobain, Chuck, Dimebag, Cliff Burton, Lennon etc, etc are all amazing musicians. But one wonders if they would have remained as popular had they lived. Bob Dylan is remembered for nothing neyond the sixties and, had he died then, would have been a martyr for folk rock. Cobain, had he lived, would have almost certainly released a mediocre, horrible album, and watched his fame dwindle. Who knows what Hendrix would have done. And perhaps the most intriguing of all: Had all the members of Metallica died in that bus crash in '86 with Cliff, i don't think it would be unfair to say, they would have gone down as the greatest metal band of all time bar none. The only reason we all hate Metallica now is becuase of what happened after: namely the release of the good, but ultimate indicator of what was to come, ...And Justice For All, and the subsequent awful joke that was the Black Album. I won't even mention Load or Reload, and the person who utters the words St. Anger shall be swiftly executed. Though I have wandered slightly off topic, I'f like to draw your attention to the stark contrast of Metallica THEN, and Metallica NOW. Only becuase it's so amusing.

Things to note: hilarious pre-pubescant James Hetfield, fucking tiny crowd, Kirk's white shirt.

Things to note: more bouncers than fans, weak ass mosh pit, James' receding hairline...also the elephant in the room: THESE GUYS ARE WAY BEYOND IT! Jesus christ, Lars, please, just give up. I almost miss your snare sound from your previous album that shal go unnamed.

In contrast, this is Kreator in 2008: aged yes, slightly washed up yes (what the hell happened to Mille's voice?!?!), but still thrashy as hell

Ah, the indignity of metal...i love it.

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