Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why tandems should be banned and Cervelo beaten to death with a lightweight carbon rod

Tandems should be banned. Along with recumbrants and any other kind of freak bike. I don't say this out of ignorance. I work at a bike shop that sells tandems. I assure you they are a pain, and attract the kind of person (or couple) that would normally make me run many kilometres in the opposite direction.
The shop i work in is small and poky. Tandems have a whel base only slightly shorter than a four wheel drive and the turning circle of a tank. And the people who comandeer them are twice as threatening.

Today at work i fixed a lot of bikes which was good. I also lost faith in Cervelo. Cable routing those inner routes is almost impossible. Especially when they don't fit brake cables and are forced to use gear cables for brakes. In what way is that clever or safe? What genius thought allowing a mere three hours to replace cables was a step forward?

My bike that i bought off Trackcvnt is comeing together nicely, and should look quite fetching when finished.

On a totally unrelated note...I had forgotten just how boring The Doors are. I went there, and there's only one way of taking it back...

yet another cyclist proving to all around him, that we are all violent, antisocial cunts. Well done to the camera man for intervening on this piece of outright assault.

I'll be back at some stage during the week with various musings in regards to black metal and its total retarded nature...but occasioanal epicness.

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