Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Indignity of the Mane

One of the major incompatabilities with metal and cycling is hair. As a fan of metal, I do follow the cleche' of having long hair. I haven't cut my hair for five years. I like it, plus it makes for mad windmilling at concerts.
When riding, however, problems begin. When i first started growing it, before I could tie it back into a pony tail, it went everywhere. In my eyes, my ears, the back of my neck. Me helmet didn't sit right, and i looked plain weird. Now it's fine. It's down to the middle of my back (when wet) and is easily tied back and outta my way.
On the fixed gear bike, it's fine. No one cares and leaves me alone. However, once the lycra is donned, and your sitting in a pack of hard men with a fucking pony tail, cracks begin to appear in my otherwise cool facade. Despite my general conformity to the roadie 'look', (read: shaved legs, campag cap, expensive helmet, particular branded lycra) the dirty great bunch of hair segregates me from the group.
This isn't to say i care. I don't. But it irritates me that despite my good cycling and gneral normal appearance, my hair somehow sets me off as some sort of bizzarre hippy in the highly conservative road scene.
To be fair, it is a rare sight. A quick google search comes up with nothing referring to male cyclists with long hair. No doubt this is indicative of the general good taste of male cyclists. However i do get abit sick of the men gaping and the women sniggering.
I love road riding, and I love Beach Rd. But god damn, why are they so damn judgemental? Guess I'll just have to show 'em on the road. Hell Phil Anderson did it in the 80's. He rocked a mad pony tail. Unfortunately a search for Anderson's said look came up with this:

Maybe it's still a fairly fringe idea...

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