Friday, September 11, 2009

Do a Skid!

Due to a popular Australian forum, coupled with the current popularity of fixed gear bikes, it has become increasingly popular to yell "DO A SKID!" to fellow fixed gear riders in the street. This is quite a nice phenomenon for two reasons: it gives a feeling of 'underground' to a group which is fast becoming mainstream, and it's a great way to show off your skillz. It also means that almost everytime you SEE another fixed gear rider, they are doing this:

To the uninitiated it just looks as if there are a bunch of guys and gals in tight jeans, forever re-adjusting themselves as it were. Then there is also the danger of the the group skid, people requesting skids simultaneously, as well as the n00b skid, which looks a bit like this:

But without the sountrack.

Now I'm all for this tradition. I think it keeps things interesting, funny, and a bit zany. I also love the rumour i heard that the cops yell it out so they can bust people for dangerous riding.

My one concern is that someone who hasn't ridden a bike since the heady days of their 1991 Huffy is going to get on a shitty ten speed equipped with suicide hub, no foot retention, their flimsy Campag cap flapping in the breeze, hear "DO A SKID", try and oblige, and...well...die.

And that will be the end of all the potential elephant trunk skids they could have busted out.

So this is a message to those who might not be 100% confident in skidding down busy intersections with ipod zombies, cars, trams, and cats. Just stay home and watch terrible Slayer videos. I promise you will feel better

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