Monday, September 7, 2009

Apologies from the chef

It has come to my attention that the previous posts, whilst being highly humerous and witty, are badly edited. This is not due to my lack of grammar skills. When i write my posts it is generally in a fit of mad creativity. Imagine, if you will, a bearded philosopher frantically writing amongst mountains of paper, stopping only to dip his feather thing in his ink well. This is a good way to imagine me when i write. Obviously, mistakes creep in. Or in my case, break the proverbial door down and assault me within an inch of my life. So from here on i will endeavour to be a little more eloquent and will try and edit my stunning prose a little better. Unless i get really excited, in which case anything goes.
Next post i might address the phenomenon of "DO A SKID!", and how it has spiralled out of control in the Melbourne fixed gear scene, to the point where there are literally hundreds of young people on stupid bikes weaving dangerously across the road, in a desperate display of sweet skillz.
Post Scriptum: apologies for any typo's in this piece.

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