Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aleters Of Madness: Why YOU should own this album

Alters of Madness is Morbid Angel's first album. It goes without saying that it is fucking awesome. I was going to talk about skids this post, but I have decided to save it for next time. Today, on the other hand, I am going to run through this album, song by song, and explain why it is so awesome.

Immortal Rites: If ever an album has started of better, I would very much like to hear it. From the opening twisted riff, to David Vincent's gutteral roar, this song is totally over powering. The uninitiated will run from this song, the blast beats mercilessly pounding them into submission. Suffice to say an excellent intro.

Suffocation: This particular song, despite some catchy riffing, has been assigned to the proverbial waste bin. This isn't to say it's a bad song. It simply doesn't compare to some of the great songs to come.

Visions From the Darkside: This is a song that starts generically, but once the weird guitar harmony starts, and Dave screams, "Speak my name!", you know you are, once again, in safe hands. This song runs along a simple chord, but is all the better for it. If there is one thing Morbid Angel never did it is fall into the technical death metal trap that countless, holier than thou bands did. Your album has 250 riffs? Really? Go jump off a cliff and make some simple, good music.

Maze of Torment: One of my favourite songs OF ALL TIME. The opeing riff to this song is beyond describing. It's simply brilliant. From said riff it leads into some of the most brutal blast beats to be heard, then continues on to a fast, furious, lyrically brilliant song. This is the song that deserves a video:

Forgive the dodgy sound quality. Just appriate Death Metal at it's finest.

Lord of all Fevers and Plague: The one song that I feel is meh worthy. It's fast and hard...but it made me feel nothing. Next please.

Chapel of Ghouls: Whatever cred the band had lost with the previous song is more than made up for in this one. When they played this live, i totally lost it. From memory I got punched in the face numerous times. I felt nothing. It was that good. The lyrics are brilliant too. "Ghouls attack the church/Crush the Holy priest/Turning the cross toward hell/Writhe in Satan's flames. Total bullshit, yes. Hella metal, absolutely.

Bleed for the Devil: This is a straight out pulveronic engulfment. No room for thought here. Bleed for the devil? I don't know what it means, but, hell, I'll do it!

Damnation: "Evil Minds grievious sins/Pagan lives have no place for law/Twisted worship exhume the dead/Minds unite for evil cause" FUCK YEH!

Blasphemy: The opening salvo of gun shots lead into a furious bombardment of drums, guitar, and vocals. Dave talks about the Holy Ghost a fair bit too. The guitar solo's in this song are particualry twisted.

Evil Spells: The last song. A slower number for those who wish a reprieve from the brutality (i hate the over use of that word in metal). Dave groans and seeths his way through the chorus. "Evvviilll speellllsss" indeed.

This album is not dynamic or progressive. It's forty odd minutes of total concentrated emotion. Though the next album would go on to mix the slow/fast dynamic, this album stands alone. Never has a band's first effort sounded so damn dangerous and outrightly confident. Lord only knows what it must have sounded like to those in the late eighties still listening to Metallica and a slower Slayer. A breath of fresh air to be sure. My only complaint is this: Why can't more bands do this?!?!

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