Monday, August 31, 2009

theres only so many barspins you can do before you realise the futility of your life in practising tricks which these girls don't even bother with. Are they aliens? Are they lesbians? Ah! The mystery continues...

It might be the lack of leotards which make these guys so utterly pathetic in comparison to those two teenage girls...

The Beginning of the Death Race

First things first.
Bike Snob is king of bike blogs. Not only is he hilarious, he is spot on with his observations.

This blog is intended to be a personal thing. I'll include my three primary interests: Bikes, Metal, and Philosophy (beneath this hardened exterior beats the heart of a total fucking geek). A short introduction:
I'v loved metal for five years or so since i was about 15. What started out as a general interest in Nirvana and other 'heavy' bands has turned into a serious obsession with bands such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Death, Massacre, Slayer and countless other unoriginally named but totally awesome bands.
I'v liked bikes for about ten years on and off, but i got serious when i was about 15 when i bought a road bike. About two years ago the appeal of fixed gear bikes proved too much, and since then i'v mingled with the melbourne fixed gear 'subculture'. To be fair, however, there is nothing underground about hanging out with people with shitty 80's frames that were shit then and are even shitter now, that have been resprayed, and covered with as many Oury's as possible. But i choose to live like that and suck my proverbial balls.
I won't discuss philosophy much i don't think as it's complaicated and sure to bore the socks of my dedicated reader (myself?). I'm sure people would much prefer to hear of my recent exploits.
As an aside I'd like to add that i fucking hate blogs and i really do think they are pompous, badly edited, and boring as all fuck. With the exception of Bike Snob. And maybe xbrendanx. At least he keeps his posts short and too the point.
I make no promises to update this thing reguarly, but i would like to, if only to bring t bear my outstanding whit.